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Forum Rules - Joud - 06-13-2021

The following rules below are to followed by every member of the community, including administrators:

  1. Posting useless information / double posting / images and subject non related media is considered spam and will be deleted on sight.
    Repeated breaking of this rule will result in a warning and eventual ban if the behavior continues.

  2. Any forms of illegal content such as pornography, sketchy download links, promoting other websites, viruses is strictly forbidden.
    Every post(s) that contains such material will be deleted and the user will be banned on sight.

  3. Discrimination, racism, insults or hate speech towards others will not be tolerated.
    Any media or post(s)/thread(s) containing or hinting to such will be deleted and will result in a warning or ban.

  4. Do not post on player reports / ban appeals UNLESS YOUR REPORTER, THE REPORTED, MENTIONED YOU AS A WITNESS, OR A LEAD+ ADMIN.
    Breaking this rule will result in a warning, repeated behavior will cause a ban.

  5. Do not impersonate any other member of the community or pretend to be an administrator.
    Doing so will result in a warning (permanent ban if impersonating an admin).